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Billet Sawing

Pacific Metal Cutting has 7 large horizontal saws. 


These billet saws are used for cutting large ingots, cutting across the width of plate, and for making notch cuts and creative material removal


· The Amada H-1300 has a capacity of 53.25” round or square.  With a 2.625” wide blade, it will cut very straight through the hardest of materials.  This is used extensively to provide the most advantageous remnants to our customers.

· Our 4 Amada HA-700’s are the workhorses that provide fast-turnaround on large cross-section and diameter cutting jobs.

· We can handle practically unlimited weight and length—give us a call to see if we can handle your big jobs.

· We specialize in cutting VERY hard materials —stainless, titanium, inconel, waspalloy are some of the common material we process daily.

· These saws, in conjunction with our waterjets, plate saws, and operator experience allow us to process practically every conceivable job in a  cost-effective and timely manner.


24” Round Inconel 718 being cut on HFA-700

The Amada H-1300 can cut  up to 53.25” round or square.

7150 aluminum—cutting 3” x 38” x 45” into .900 x 38 x 45 slices.